33 Legal

With more than 20 years experience, Andrew Doyle leads his team in looking after the blameless victims of violent crime.

33 Legal specialise in delivering the highest standard of service resulting in the thousands of people we work with receiving the compensation they deserve.

As a company we offer a whole host of specialist claims advice including:

  • Accidents at Work
  • Criminal Injury
  • Medical Negligence
  • Accidents in Public
  • Rape and Sexual Abuse
  • Hate Crimes

If you have been affected by any of these issues then please do not hesitate to get in touch and find out how much your claim could be worth today. We operate on a no win no fee basis.


Criminal Injuries Compensation - 20 years +
Personal Injury - 20 years
Cases of Severe Sexual Abuse - 18 years+
Cases of Serious Violent Attacks - 18 years+
Road Traffic Accident Compensation - 10 years+
Injuries At Work - 10 years+
Medical Negligence Compensation - 10 years+

A Word From Our Senior Partner

One of the major benefits of choosing 33 Legal is that we are a champion of victims’ rights. We are devoted to our clients and in ensuring that they achieve the compensation they are rightly due.

Our claim experts have the knowledge and experience to help you in your claim when you have found yourself in need of some advice in regard to suffering an accident at work or on the roads, substandard medical care, or as a victim of sexual and or violent crime.

Andrew Doyle

33 Legal AD

33 Legal is a Claims Management Company that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under Firm Registration Number 830098.  

We refer personal injury claims to a panel of specialist personal injury lawyers who will see your claim through to conclusion. We do not charge you a fee for referring you to our panel of specialist personal injury lawyers; we receive a monthly marketing fee from the specialist personal injury lawyers we refer you to.  This marketing fee is not passed on to you and does not impact the way a lawyer will handle your claim.  

You are not required to use the services of 33 Legal and may instead represent yourself for free either to the person you may wish to complain about or to the relevant statutory Ombudsman.  For Criminal Injuries, this is the Criminal Compensation Authority.

Our panel of specialist personal injury lawyers work on a “no win, no fee” basis.  This means that if they do not win your claim, you will not pay any fees to your specialist personal injury lawyer. When your claim is taken on under a No Win No Fee basis, lawyers accept that they run the risk that if the case is lost, they will not receive payment for any of the work they have done. However, they may charge a success fee, typically this success fee is 25% of the eventual damages that may be awarded. This  will be agreed with you at the start of any claim by your specialist personal injury lawyer.