Injuries In The Workplace

We can advise you in making an accident at work claim if you’ve been injured as a result of health and safety procedures not being followed or due to circumstances which could have been avoided.

In some instances you may even be able to claim if you caused the accident, for instance if your injuries were caused by or made worse because of a piece of faulty equipment.

It may also be possible to claim if a workplace accident made an existing injury or condition worse. 

Your employer has a legal duty to ensure you’re safe at work. 

In practice this means that they have a responsibility to:

  • Make sure you and those around you are properly trained
  • Provide you with suitable work and personal protective equipment
  • Undertake risk assessments
  • Manage business activities to minimise any risk to your health and safety
  • Provide safe a working environment

Claiming compensation for a work-related injury can help you get your life back on track by reimbursing you for any lost earnings and expenses incurred because of your injury.

Typical Injuries at Work Claims

An injury at work can cover many aspects from a simple slip or fall to more prolonged injuries which develop over time such as manual handling injury or exposure to chemicals.

Here are some of the more common examples:

  • Slips, Trips or Falls or Falling Objects
  • Manual Handling Injuries and Lifting Accidents
  • Accidents involving machinery or vehciles
  • Protective Equipment Claims
  • Building Site Injuries
  • Inadequate Training Accident Claims

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We can help you by providing guidance, support, and legal representation to work for the compensation you need and deserve.

    What Happens When I Make a Claim?

    Once we have learned the circumstances of your accident and injuries and established that you have a claim, our panel of expert accident at work lawyers will work with you to:

    • Evaluate the circumstances surrounding the accident to prepare the claim.
    • Arrange any medical treatment if you haven’t already received it.
    • Assess your loss of earnings in having to take time off work.
    • Work with your employer’s insurance company to arrange compensation.
    • Put in place the necessary support and ongoing rehabilitation if required.

    Some claims can be settled within a few weeks or months, but some of the more complex cases, such as those involving severe injuries, may take much longer.